Saturday, March 26, 2011

You had me at a note

Blog challenge day 20: Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future (this may be modified)

Well let's see....I am glad I don't have to think much about this one. :)

I already married the person that I wanted to spend my future with, so I get to check this one off and head to bed. But, I also want to say that I am so thankful for the way Chas compliments me and my own personality, and how I can see the ways that I compliment him in a positive way too. We create music together, which I think has a special bond all of it's own, especially since it is the thing that initially brought the two of us together in the first place. Even if we have nothing else, we will still have each other and we will still share the love of music together. And no one can take that away from us.
We enjoy spending time outdoors, hiking and camping, and I am thankful for those similarities. But I also am glad that we both are able to have our own outlets that allow us to just be who we are, and accept each other for what we like as individuals. We can come home at the end of the day after spending time apart and know that we will be coming home to each other and sharing what we did that day with each other.
And lastly, I am thankful that Chas is the type of man who verbalizes his feelings for me, who expresses how much he loves me, when he misses me during random moments of the day, and lets me know that he enjoys spending time with me, even if that time is just sitting on the couch doing nothing but being together.
And that's only some of the reasons why I see myself being with Chas for the rest of my life :)

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