Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Technical difficulties

So, again, I am a day behind on the blog challenge. I came home last night after teaching a class and was getting ready to post, and realized quickly that our internet wasn't working. By the time Chas got home and made the easiest fix in the world to turn it back on (that's why he's my husband), I was too tired and it was too late to post.
But, I'm not giving up on you day 8! I will do one this morning for yesterday's blog challenge, and one tonight for day 9.

For now, blog challenge 8: Write what your short term goals are for this month and why

Woo a list!:
1. Start teaching something new
I am happy to say that I just barely started doing this last weekend, so I am glad to know that I am actually reaching the small goals I set for myself. A girl at church expressed interest in learning more about singing, so I have started small vocal lessons with her on the weeks that I lead worship in Bountiful. We had our first lesson on Saturday and it was all kinds of fun!

2. Make coffee at home more, buy out less
This is mostly an effort to save a little bit of cash, due to the comparison of coffee made at home versus coffee bought at the SB or other local drive-thru.

3. Start preparing for the upcoming Ogden Marathon, well, the 5K portion of it anyway
I signed up for this last October, 2 weeks after the marathon registration opened and was disappointed to find out that the 1/2 was already full. But, I still want to work on my running, so signing up for the 5k was the next best thing. My ultimate goal is to train for the 1/2 in hopes that maaaaybe someone won't be able to make it and I can sneak their spot :)

4. Start a food journal and keep it for 30 days
This is something I have done before but was not good at keeping up on it. I want to be able to really track what I am putting in my body and seeing if I can consume just a little bit less calories each day. Yes, even if that means skipping out on Sweet Cake on the weekends.

Well, that's it for now, I think I will go write up what I had for breakfast :)

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