Thursday, March 17, 2011

A day behind

So this whole trying to blog when I get home and have dinner and try to catch up with Chas after he gets home from work thing isn't really working out very well. Ha.

So, here I am, posting for day 10 on the morning of day 11. Let's see if I can even remember most of the songs I listen to without my iPod here with me :)

Blog challenge day 10:Songs you listen to when you are happy, sad, bored, hyped, mad

Happy: Pretty much anything that has an upbeat tempo that I can picture myself listening to while riding around in my car on a sunny day with my windows down
Paul Wright- Rock the show
Ray Lamontagne- Trouble
Mutemath- Reset
Chris Brown- Forever

Nora Jones- Feelin the same way
Sufjan Stevens- Casimir Puliaski Day
Barlow Girl- Here's my Life
Brooke Fraser- Scarlet
Mae- Giving it Away

Bored- I don't really have a specific type of music for this, because honestly I haven't felt bored in a reeeeeally long time

Daft Punk- Around the World
Barlow Girl- No One Like You
Hillsong United- Freedom is Here
Rhianna- Disturbia, Please Don't Stop the Music

Mutemath- Break the Same
Mae- This Time is the Last Time

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