Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 3: That's what friends are for

Blog challenge #3 is to post a picture of your friends. I have to say, these 5 ladies are probably the bestest of friends a bride could ever have on her wedding day. And, on every other day of life.

Why do I say 5, you ask?
Because there is also a woman behind the camera taking this picture that is most definitely included in this bundle of woman greatness.

Amy Pepper on the left, my best friend since 9th grade and Matron of Honor in our wedding

Claire Teter (aka: CCT) whom I have known for about 8 years now, and oddly enough, is married to a man I once dated. Not ironic, just God doing his thing.

Elizabeth Ross: Work friend from the good ol' DWS. I have to say we may have cried more times than laughed during the first part of our friendship, but the laughing has been more abundant lately and I like that

Brittainy Harris: One of my first and still best friends in Utah when I moved back here in 2000 to go to Weber State. She technically was my boss of sorts, but never acted like she was above me. She even made a pretty decent roommate for a while (due to the fact she was hardly ever there :)

And Melissa Oholendt, the woman behind the beauty that was captured in so many details on our wedding day. Her work is just a glimpse of the wonderful woman that she is on the inside.

God truly blessed me with wonderful friends.

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Amy Pepper said...

I absolutely love your plan to blog daily! And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture!