Friday, January 29, 2010

What a girl wants

These are just a few of the things I have been craving lately...maybe because they are a bit out of my reach, heh.

One of these.....
And one of these....

And a pair of these.

Hey, a girl can have a wish list, can't she?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I know you're out there

The color green.

It sounds so simple. And yet, this color, this hue, is the only thing so far that is causing me any kind of planning angst in my life. But no, not to the point where I am pulling hair out or anything.

Kellly Green. Hunter Green. Willow Green. Shimmer Green. There are so many to choose from, and yet, I only desire one of you.

I know you are out there, colored paper in the green that I have been searching for to accompany our wedding announcements. I just can't seem to find you.

My compromise? Since you won't reveal yourself to me, I am cutting you out of my life (wah wah), and making friends with a nice little piece of ribbon that is in the color that you so rudely are keeping from me.

And yes, I am talking to a piece of paper. How's that for crazy.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Holidays and 2010 and things to come

So yes, I have been home from Seattle for almost a week now, but no, I have not had hardly any time since being home to catch up on things like blogging and cleaning my house. Good thing today is a lazy mellow day and I CAN actually figure out what all I need to do before starting back up school next week and my internship for the next two semesters.

The holidays were fabulous. I spent time with both my parents, my best friend, and of course, Pepper the dog, he he. I spent Christmas at my dad's this year, which was great because as always, they made prime rib and I have never been disappointed with their choice of food. I also got to have a tasty turkey dinner at my mom's the Monday before Christmas so that was a double bonus.

Pepper tries to look innocent, but we know better. She got in a little fight with some of the kitties that day and just about got her head knocked off. That hopefully will teach her.
I went to a Seattle Thunderbirds hockey game with my bestest and Matron of Honor Amy while I was up there just for something different to do. She also told her family Christmas weekend that she is almost 3 months pregnant, which means I am going to be an aunt, yay!
I went with my dad and his wife Karen to our cousin Tom and Shelly's house for their annual Christmas gift exchange. This year was a good year for me, since they changed the rules of the gift exchange and I ended up with something that I actually wanted, a really nice coffee pot. Now Chas and I can scratch that one off our registry list.

Chas and I spent New Year's Eve driving around to a couple different places to check out shows that friends were putting on to play in the new year. We then ended up at Ben and Tiffany Smith's house at mid night to celebrate together.
Brett T. at the Rainbow Saloon. His song style fit really well with the crowd, they really liked him.
Just after the new year.

And today I got my monthly Email from that today marks the exact 9 months before Chas and I will be married. I love those little reminders.