Saturday, January 9, 2010

I know you're out there

The color green.

It sounds so simple. And yet, this color, this hue, is the only thing so far that is causing me any kind of planning angst in my life. But no, not to the point where I am pulling hair out or anything.

Kellly Green. Hunter Green. Willow Green. Shimmer Green. There are so many to choose from, and yet, I only desire one of you.

I know you are out there, colored paper in the green that I have been searching for to accompany our wedding announcements. I just can't seem to find you.

My compromise? Since you won't reveal yourself to me, I am cutting you out of my life (wah wah), and making friends with a nice little piece of ribbon that is in the color that you so rudely are keeping from me.

And yes, I am talking to a piece of paper. How's that for crazy.


Jan said...

Maybe I'm too late---the newest green is: Benjamin Moore 'Cedar Green' UTAH goes we will see it in 6-12 months and then that's too late...maybe...good luck, wish I could attach an image.

Claire said...

Ohhhh, the things weddings make us crazy about! Glad you found the right color of ribbon at least!