Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Laides in red

Boy am I gonna miss these girls over Christmas.....

And even more, Claire is leaving while I am going to be out of town! That thought is bringing tears to my eyes..... :(

Sunday, December 2, 2007

O Christmas Tree

Last weekend Kelli and I put our tree up! Its fun having a roommate that helps you do stuff, and is your best friend too :)
After getting our Christmas decor up, we went to the Eccles Center and checked out some of the trees there, it was pretty neat. Then, we grabbed some Greek food (Which actually took a REALLY long time to get), and we headed to the Ogden Christmas Parade with Kelli's mom and Justin. They even had fireworks at the end, impressive. Then we walked through the village on our way to see August Rush, great movie, I highly recommend it.

Check it all out below.
(P.S. When I have pictures, I tend to write less, as you will see in most of my recent posts)

The tree all done up

A few ornaments in detail

I really like this one, I am still working on my photography skills though

Hanging out on Washington Blvd. watching the parade

The typical Justin face. I guess he doesn't like to smile, even with his mommy

Sportin the headband, he he he


Last weekend Chad had a little get together at his house, and it's always a good time at the Chadaroo's. Kelli and her friend Erin came a little later in the evening, and I got to watch Chad's dad take a straight shot of Whiskey, sick.
Charles was also in town, and a few of Chad's friends that he has known since high school stopped by for a while too. We ended up playing Cranuim Wow, the game I got Chad for Christmas to make his place just that much better.
Here's a re-cap from the night....

Man, we are a good lookin group. :)

Just the girls

A little up close but still a good pic.

Things are good in the kitchen when you are hangin out with your best friend.

Chad manning the fire outside.

Chad having a beer with one of his cousins that came. He had some family in town for Thanksgiving so we got to meet them, it was a good time, and his little baby cousin was so cute! I didn't get any pictures of him though.

Charles cheesin it up for me.


For the second year in a row I have had the pleasure of going with Kelli and her family on Thanksgiving. If she is reading this, she knows the meaning of what I just said, and hopefully she is chuckling. Their family has a tradition of going to a family friend's house named Sandy. She is a little, different, but I do admit the food was good. And it is always fun times hanging out with Kelli's family, especially her mom and Justin.

I am sure Justin was saying something silly to make us laugh.

Providing our own entertainment for the evening.

Kris pinching Justin's cheeks to try and get him to laugh, because as you can see below, he's not one for making good faces at the camera.

Aussie style

Alright, I am finally getting back into the picture blogging world.
Thank goodness for internet at home :)

A couplw Fridays ago Kelli, Claire and I went to the Outback for a deliceious dinner.
Here's a couple pictures to check out.....

Claire being her awesome self and posing with the bread loaf.

I guess we were just too good that night make funny faces at the camera.