Sunday, December 2, 2007

O Christmas Tree

Last weekend Kelli and I put our tree up! Its fun having a roommate that helps you do stuff, and is your best friend too :)
After getting our Christmas decor up, we went to the Eccles Center and checked out some of the trees there, it was pretty neat. Then, we grabbed some Greek food (Which actually took a REALLY long time to get), and we headed to the Ogden Christmas Parade with Kelli's mom and Justin. They even had fireworks at the end, impressive. Then we walked through the village on our way to see August Rush, great movie, I highly recommend it.

Check it all out below.
(P.S. When I have pictures, I tend to write less, as you will see in most of my recent posts)

The tree all done up

A few ornaments in detail

I really like this one, I am still working on my photography skills though

Hanging out on Washington Blvd. watching the parade

The typical Justin face. I guess he doesn't like to smile, even with his mommy

Sportin the headband, he he he


sarah said...

yes! i love the typical justin face!

Ashley said...

Really Cute!