Sunday, December 2, 2007


Last weekend Chad had a little get together at his house, and it's always a good time at the Chadaroo's. Kelli and her friend Erin came a little later in the evening, and I got to watch Chad's dad take a straight shot of Whiskey, sick.
Charles was also in town, and a few of Chad's friends that he has known since high school stopped by for a while too. We ended up playing Cranuim Wow, the game I got Chad for Christmas to make his place just that much better.
Here's a re-cap from the night....

Man, we are a good lookin group. :)

Just the girls

A little up close but still a good pic.

Things are good in the kitchen when you are hangin out with your best friend.

Chad manning the fire outside.

Chad having a beer with one of his cousins that came. He had some family in town for Thanksgiving so we got to meet them, it was a good time, and his little baby cousin was so cute! I didn't get any pictures of him though.

Charles cheesin it up for me.

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