Sunday, March 6, 2011

Not normally a fan

I grew up mostly in Seattle, so I had not really been a fan of bluegrass music.... until I was introduced to some pretty amazing groups that my husband listens to. I guess growing up where grunge originated you get used to liking the alternative style that started in the land of the Emerald City. Not to mention all those boy bands that pretty much every girl loved growing up. (come on, you know you like at LEAST one of them). But then, someone comes along who expands your knowledge of great music and makes you step out of your listening comfort zone and you experience something awesome.

Example: The Punch Brothers
Their lead singer and mandolin player is probably one of the most famous bluegrass mandolin players in the world. No really. Any musical ability that I think I have, got dwindled down to nothing on Saturday night after listening to this guy's mad skills. Chris Thile played with the band Nicklecreek for about 15 years, and won an Emmy 2002. That's freaking impressive to me. Now he plays with the group Punch Brothers, who came to play at Peery's Egyptian Theater on Saturday night. They are jaw dropping good.
Thanks to my southern husband, I am now a fan of bluegrass music. Well, some of it anyway :)

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