Monday, March 28, 2011

In my own way

Blog challenge day 22: what makes you different from everyone else

Hmmm, let's see.....

I have an older brother named Travis who first inspired me to get into music

I have a husband named Chas, who is by far one of the best guitar players I have ever met and known personally (and that's not just a biased opinion)

I ended back up in the state that I was originally born in, after living in another for almost 12 years

I grew up with a beagle named Pepper who ate pretty much anything she could get her paws on (yes, including other pet poop) and survived all of it, even the 1 pound bag of m&m's she devoured one Christmas

I come from a family of J's and K's: my cousins are Justin, Jerry, Kristy, Karly, Kylea, Kara, Jonathan, Jordan; my aunt and uncles are Jeff, John, Karleen and Karen; and then me, :)

I met my best friend named Amy in choir during my 9th grade year and have been best friends with her ever since. That's 15 years for anyone wondering how long that has been.

I tend to remember the most random details about stories and events that happen in my daily life.

God made me the way I am and like no one else He has ever made before. And that same holds true for everyone else, we are all uniquely different in wonderful and awesome ways.

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