Monday, March 7, 2011

Day one: 15 random nothings about me

Day one of the blogging challenge, so exciting! Ok, here we go....

1. I was born in Utah, not Washington (hey, some people really didn't know)
2. I love making my own homemade soup (like the tasty one I just made tonight, yeah!)
3. Being sick is the absolute worst feeling for me...I am one of those people who wait as long as I possibly can to get sick, hoping that if I wait long enough the urge to be sick with magically disappear (it doesn't work)
4. I am allergic to Hazelnut
5. I lay in bed on my right side until I am almost asleep, and then I turn on my left side and pull the covers up around my face and then fall asleep.
6. Once when I was little my mom said that she was having to "go around Robin Hood's barn" to find somewhere we were going....and I asked her where Robin Hood's barn was
7. I never considered myself to be a solo singer, more of a back up. In fact, the first time I was ever supposed to sing a solo for contest I was so nervous I puked. And I didn't sing for the solo/ensemble contest
8. My absolute worst pet peeve is when people smack their food.
9. Purple is not my favorite color. Honestly, I don't think I even have one. I just like what looks good together.
10. Someday, (not anytime in the near future though, just getting that out) I would love to have a daughter and name her ______ (yeah right, like I am going to give out my awesome name idea)
11. I think I have some of the most talented, wise and Godly friends a woman could ever have. They cook, they write, they take pictures, they take care of people....I am set for life!!!!
12. I almost never finish the last 10 or so pages of a book I am reading, I have done this for SO long and I really have no idea why.
13. I secretly watch the trainers at the gym so that I can get good ideas for better workouts
14. White chocolate is and always has been my favorite flavor in coffee
15. I am what some people might call a "pocket organizer"...I have little pockets in my life that I like to keep organized...other things, eh, who cares.

Day one complete!

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Claire said...

um... the not finishing books thing- wow! What an odd thing! It makes me feel...restless. Knowing you just leave it open... wow. Mindblowing!