Friday, April 1, 2011

Whachu got in that bag

Blog challenge day 25 (which was yesterday, I know): What I would find in your bag

I try not to be a pack rat. I really do. I think my purse my be one of the few places that things end up in for months and months. Especially ever since I bought a Miche bag. the inner bag stays the same, and you can change out the shells that go around the bag, so essentially everything in the bag stays there because you never have to clean it out to switch from one purse to a different one. So all that to say, my purse is probably the most messy it has ever been in my life.

On any given day, you may find these items in my purse:

Pens, probably a couple of them

Migraine medication, two kinds

My Coach brown wallet that my wonderful husband got for me as a birthday gift, filled with lots of hair appointment cards and old receipts

Foundation, not for my face, but for my lips. Yes, I am weird.

Bigelow green mint lip gloss, gotta have the lips gloss

Business cards, not for me, but for all the places I went around to the past couple of months getting donations for door prizes for the Northern Utah Marriage Conference

Old notes to myself of things I needed to get done, including grocery lists

The good ol' birth control, we're not taking any chances here

A Dave Ramsey starter CD for the Total Money Makeover


An empty Orbitz gum holder

A checkbook

Old sermon notes

Two mini bottles of Sweet Pea and Warm Vanilla Sugar hand sanitizer, both of which my husband end up using more than I do

My phone, I typically keep it in the side pocket even if I am at home, so I remember where it is

And lastly, a business card holder with my own DWS Youth Counselor cards

Sounds like a big purse with all that stuff in there!

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