Sunday, April 10, 2011

In my spare time

I was thinking the other day, and I realized that it has been over 5 years since I have had cable. Before Chas I got married, I had never owned my own TV and even house watched for about 6 months for people who didn't even own one.

When it comes to TV, I made a decision a while ago that so much of what is on TV is either a. degrading, b. pure crap, or c. noneducational and a waste of brain power to watch. Case and point, Jersey Shore. I know, people have their shows, and I am totally ok with that. I am not talking about things like the news or PBS or things that actually teach people something. I know there are a lot of good things people can watch that are on TV, but I think Chas and I have just kind of made a conscious choice to save money and not be tempted to just sit in front of the TV all night and not say anything to each other during the time that we are together.

There was also a period of time where I just felt I was too busy (mostly during grad. school), so I knew that having cable would just be a waste of money to pay for every month. So, we have just kind of done without it, and really we feel that we are fine and just as normal as any other American who has cable and watches their daily dose of shows.

However, I recently have found 2 shows that I really like and have resolved to watching on once a week. I get my fill of the Biggest Loser on Tuesdays when I am at the gym, and that I like because it shows people being willing to change their lives and get healthy and lose weight. I like that they are learning how to live healthy lifestyles FOR life and not just get a quick fix. I know some people don't like the show because they think it's unrealistic, which I agree with to a point. I think this season one thing I have noticed is that the trainers have really addressed and tried to do a better job of helping the contestants prepare for going home, living in real life again, and not being able to work out for 6 hours a day like they have been on the ranch. It's a great motivator for anyone who has been wanting to lose weight and learn how to live a more healthy lifestyle, and I personally get great workout and eating tips.

The first show that I have been watching on Hulu is Who do You Think You Are?. I recently got interested in finding out more about my family lineage and where we actually came from. I did a 2 week free trial on and then printed off the family tree with the names I had found so far before cancelling the trial (otherwise I would have paid $300 for a yearly subscription, no thanks). Then I saw a preview for this show on NBC, so I decided to watch it. It is just so interesting to see people be able to actually go to the places where their ancestors have come from, how they got to where they were going, and get a glimpse into their life and how they lived. I find it educational because they are able to visit all the history and genealogy museums to find clues that eventually lead them to where their ancestors lived. There is a sense of mystery to it that I really enjoy, it definitely keeps you on the edge waiting to see what they will find out next.

The second one is called Secret Millionaire. A lot of people say that this is similar to another show that I have never seen before where CEO's of huge companies secretly work as a layman worker somewhere in their company. That I think it different about Secret Millionaire is that people are finding those in low income and super poor communities who are making a difference and give them a generous portion of their wealth. They have to kind of hide their identity until the last day and pick a couple of places to give their money to. It is so amazing to see how giving these millionaires are willing to be, and it is heart wrenching to see the reaction of the people receiving the money. For me, this show hits a part of me that I know God desires for all of us to be more like, giving. More loving, more gracious, kind and just willing to pour out love to those who are in need without judging them and just showing them what it is like to just love, as Jesus showed love for us.

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