Thursday, April 7, 2011

At the end of the road

Blog challenge day 30: Who are you?

It is April 7th, and there is nothing I would rather be doing right now than staying in my house, bundled up, watching a really good movie. Why? Why would I say that instead of being outside enjoying the sunshine? Oh yeah, probably because it is SNOWING outside. It's Utah, get used to it, I know. But I'm just saying, if it weren't for this snow storm, I would not be on this computer at this moment typing out my last post.

Anyway, onto the answer for my last blog post challenge.

Who am I?

I want to say that first and foremost, I am a daughter. A daughter to the only and most awesome God who cares for me and loves me just as He has made me. I dare to say that I would compare myself to somewhat of an Esther. I take a chance on things, and a lot of times I say what I feel in my heart needs to be said, even it it means creating a few ripples here and there. People know I am honest, but I would also truly hope that people also know I care so much in every way about them. Even in the midst of my "slow to warm up" self, a lot of what can sometimes reserve me is mere observation of those around me and how to best respond to them in their own element.

I am a woman who is prone to finding comfort in the rituals of organization in daily life. And at the same time, I often find myself looking for a reason to step out of that comfort zone and take a chance on something, not having any idea how it will turn out.

Simply put, I am my mother's daughter. And a little bit of my father's at time too.

I am a curious person. I think my parents got sick hearing me as why so much when I was growing up, and finally just starting saying "because I said so" as a way to finalize that I couldn't ask anymore.

I am a relational person, emotionally and physically.

I am a person who may be bound by some limitations, such as having celiac and not being able to eat certain things that I want to, or be able to run a mile as fast as I wish I could because I simply don't have a "runner' s body", but i know those things don't define me. They are just parts of what make me individually who I am, for no bad or negative or demeaning reason.

I am a helper. I find great joy in being there for others, helping them, and doing things for them. Specifically as a wife. I have always felt this desire to be helpmate to a husband, and I am so blessed that I finally get to be that.

I am someone who doesn't take no for an answer a lot of the time. I can admit it, I am stubborn. My mom told me once I could totally blame it on her and my dad, because they are both stubborn too.

I am someone who has a musical heart. I can remember a day in 2nd grade where my teacher had to ask me to stop singing to myself during reading time because it made it hard for the other students to be able to focus on their books. I don't always like the way I sound when I sing, but I would rather sing glory to God with a cracked-shrilled voice than never sing at all.

Lastly, I am someone who is committed. It may take me a while to get something done, but if I commit to it, it's going to get done. If a friend needs me to be there, if Chas needs me to do something for him, I will be there. Even if in my mind it isn't something I would necessarily want to do, because it something they need, I know my time will be worth it.

Maybe since I committed to this 30 day challenge, I will now commit to taking a couple of days off from the blogging world....

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The Felds said...

You made it! All 30 days, way to go! I enjoyed reading each new post :)