Thursday, October 21, 2010

One down, two to go

You didn't take me seriously, did you?

Totally just kidding, but really, I actually surprised myself yesterday at the thought that I would tackle my first gluten free recipe with dinner last night.

But I had a total craving for cornbread. And chili. It was just the right temperature for chili, and with the leaves turning color here I couldn't help but want a tasty fall meal. So, I made chili. And you have to have cornbread with chili.
I actually think I may have tried GF cornbread before, but it was long enough ago that it's a flighting thought in my head. Last night's attempt came out pretty good, though I will say if I decide to ever make it again I will probably try to find a more finer ground cornmeal. The one I used was good, but just a little bit too gritty for my taste, and teeth.

The consistency was really good though, the flavor was very comparible to non GF cornbread, and maybe even a little better because I decided to use vanilla yogurt in the mix instead of plain. I told you I have a sweet tooth.

Anyway, just so you believe me, here is a picture of the fruits of my labor (this recipe was very easy compared to some I have tried)

If you are a celiac, or, if you just want to try this recipe out because you are curious as to the difference between GF and non GF and believe with the rest of us that GF REALLY is more healthy for you, you can get the recipe here

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Amy Pepper said...

Looks tasty. Love how you took the picture of it on the fall inspired plate. He, he, he.