Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back on land

We are back! And I am a Burks! Well, not officially, but probably by tomorrow I will be :)

After a couple of days of horrible vertigo, I finally feel like myself again. We had a wonderful time on our honeymoon, we were gifted a Celebrity cruise that sailed through the East Caribbean, making stops at Puerto Rico, St. Thomas and Jamaica. It was an amazing time and we are so blessed to have such great family.

We don't have a ton of pictures from the wedding yet, but here are just a few to start with. My step-brother Michael is working his way into the photography business, and got a couple of great shots post wedding. Great job Michael!

Taken by Michael with our handsome ring bearer, Caleb Allen, Chas' nephew
Great picture of Amy and me, my awesome Matron of Honor, again taken by Michael

A little surprise I put together for Chas at our wedding reception. I sang "Some kind of wonderful" to him just as dinner was finishing up. He was totally suprised, in a very good way :)
And a picture of us finishing up our last meal on the cruise at one of the specialty restaurants. I posted more on Facebook so if you want to check those out, you can get more details of the entire trip.

It is great to be back and we are now in the process of getting OUR house set up and gifts put away. If I haven't said it enough, it feels great to be a Burks.


The Felds said...

Welcome back!!!! Love, love, LOVE cruising! Glad you guys had a great time. I've never experienced vertigo, but it doesn't sound pleasant!

Amy Pepper said...

Love the picture of the two of us. Can't wait to see more! Love you miss!