Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Time for a poll

Now you get to interact with my blog, and I expect lots of feedback.

Time to do some wedding polls :) Come on, you know this is going to be fun.

I am starting to get some ideas for flowers and wedding cakes, and I need some feedback on what YOU like :0)

So, let me know which one of each you like the most, your help is greatly appreciated.
Flowers #1

Flowers #2

Flowers #3

Cake #1

Cake #2

Cake #3

Ready, vote!


Jodi said...

flowers #2 cake #3. There it is! Have so much fun!

Sarah said...

Flowers #2&3--Cake #3(but I like the flowers on #2)

Kaytee said...

Flowers 2 and cake 3, but maybe not so many tiers on cake 3.
Congrats Kimber!!!!!!!!!!

amy said...

i agree with the other girls - flowers 2 and cake 3. i like the flowers on cake 3. i like symmetry so that is the main reason i chose them.

Jan Ciao Baby Massie said...

Flower #1 Cake #3 come on ladies a mother knows best ha-ha jk...all flowers are beautiful to me and all cakes taste yummy!

Ashley said...

I like flowers 1 better (sorry to differ), and cake 3!

melissa o said...

The photographer votes flowers #1 and cake #3.

Oh and my vote counts for 10. :)

Claire said...

I like flowers 1 and 3, and cake 2! I'm the decenter!

Amy Pepper said...

Hey miss! What a cute idea. Its all about what you like though. I do really like flowers #2 & #3 and cake #3. Love you!

Yvonne said...

Flowers 1, cake 2! Love that you are asking for input! How fun :0) Our rehearsal dinner was at the Wight House and I was super impressed with them, it's a little small but I loved it!

Claire said...

BY the way, I LOOOVED my cake lady- got to try like 4 different ones and she was great. I don't know if she can do gluten free cake, but if you want her info, I can send! Very reasonable too... granted, the top did kind of fall a bit, but it was soo yummy (and this from a cake-hater!).

Kayleen said...

It was great seeing you Saturday (since we no longer see each other at work every day)! Congratulations again!! On to voting . . . flowers #1 or #2, and cake #3.