Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Done ditty done

I am doing a little dance in my chair right now.

I turned in my last assignment for the summer semester, and that means I have a whole month of no reading, no assignments, and no papers.

So now, on my list of things to do in the next month.....

Take one of my bestests out for a birthday lunch.

Go see baby Jane for the first time, finally.

Attend Stacy Bair's baby shower. Oh boy, a bundle of joy is coming! Hee hee.

Check out Cheatwood at Roy Days

Clean, clean, clean my house.

Check out potential reception sites. There are three on my list that I have my wedding radar on: Davis Conference Center, Eccles Conference Center, and The Wight House

Hang out with my dad :) He is coming for a visit in a week for his birthday, yay!

Drive to Wyoming and sing for my old roomie Michelle's wedding

Attend Michelle's wedding reception in Utah

Bake my heart out

Run my bootie off

Put some new work out songs on the iPod, this is so needed

Sing at the Big Canyon Music Festival- more details on this coming soon!

Start looking for wedding decorations, fun fun! This is so exciting, he he

Purchase books for my fall classes, in enough time to get them before class starts this time

Celebrate my birthday, woot!

Hike Mount Ogden

Backpack in the Uintahs

I don't know if I am going to have enough to do during my break from school :)


Flores Hayes said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Flor (

Claire said...

SO..... does this mean that you are getting married soonish? STILL haven't heard from you other than a text!!!