Saturday, August 22, 2009

Just a few

Last weekend Chas and I went up to the mountains of Wyoming to perform and celebrate with my old roommate Michelle at her wedding to Mr. Beau Miller. The weather was less than cooperative, but it didn't seem to put a damper on anyone's mood. We had a great time chatting it up with everyone around the campfire, and luckily the storm that rolled through on their wedding day didn't happen until after the ceremony and pictures. Here are just a few from the weekend.

Nicole Winters enjoying the fire, maybe a little too much.
It's a little fuzzy but it still works. :)
One thing about being so far away from civilization is that there is much more of nature to see. There were hummingbirds just flying around everywhere! I was waiting for some random animal to come out of the woods behind me at any second.
Just after the ceremony when the family started taking pictures. I thought this was so cute of Michelle's little niece holding her hands out for a hug, so cute!

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Claire said...

Wow! That hummingbird pic is great! Looks like fun!