Saturday, January 31, 2009

When life gets a little crazy...

That's a good indication that you just need to be a little silly.
Insert personal photo sesssion. You just gotta, you know.

I look normal enough right?
A little suspicion brewing.
Insert scary music here....

oh yeah baby that's right! Life is so surprising sometimes I just can't help it!
Ok ok, back to being normal....
He he, you really thought I could do it, heh?
I try to look smart by reading textbooks for fun.
But then I get soooo bored sometimes when I can't understand half the words.
And then my brain starts to hurt.
I then I just want to lie down and take a nap.
Ok no more bookwork.
Seriously, don't make me.
Did I just eat something sour?
I don't know who I was looking at, but there was no one in the room......
And don't forget the kiss goodbye! :)


melissa said...

If you weren't so adorable, I would hate you for being so beautiful! Just kidding, I couldn't hate you. :) You are gorgeous! (And is that red in your hair??)

Ashley said...

lol, gorgeous, i love it

Claire said...

Love it, and I miss you! ANd it makes me want to cut my hairs!