Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back in town

Whew! Lots has happened during and after my trip to Seattle for the holidays, so I will attempt to pick up where I left off from my last post.

Seattle was still getting snow up until the day after Christmas while I was there, it was a complete white out for days! I took a couple of pictures while still at my dads before heading down to visit with my mom for Christmas.

This was Christmas eve hanging out with my dad and his wife's family. We did a little gift exchange and spent the night beforfe heading south to my mom's

This was what we woke up to Christmas morning. Talk about a white Christmas! It's a rare thing in Washington when that happens. Lucky for us my brother had chains to help us get out of the subdivision where my dad lives because since I had been there, the snow plow hadn't come through once! It was a mess. The sad thing is that it took my dad getting severly injured for the city to finally come run a plow through the road they live on. He was helping a neighbor get up into their driveway and had put a board underneath their tires to try and give them more traction. When the lady driving the car gunned it up the hill into her driveway, one of the boards game reeling towards my dad's leg and hit him right smack in the shin, spliiting it complete open to the bone. It was aweful! (sorry a little graphic here) I was at my friend's house and got a call from my stepbrother that my dad had been seriously hurt and was being taken to the ER to make sure the bone wasn't broken. I made it up to the hospital where he was at in time to be there for him to get about 20 stitches and a lot of pain meds. The other sad part is that while the aid car was trying to get my dad to the hospital, they got stuck in the snow and had to call another aid car with chains to come and get him! Seriously people, we are talking about some massive amounts of snow here! The guy driving the first aid car told my stepmom that he was going to call and complain to the city, so that is why they ended up coming and clearing the road that night. It was quite a scary fiasco, but my dad ended up being ok and he will have a nice scar to remember the event by.
This was at my mom's while my friend Amy and her husband John were visiting with us and playing with all the animals my mom has. Seriously, five cats and a dog is a little much to handle sometimes in a house. But they are all cute nonetheless.

John and his awesome de-coder glasses that he wore while reading the answers to the Cranium game Cadoo. It was definitely a night of laughs thanks to those goggles.

Pepper getting all pretty for Christmas with her stocking and matching booties.

Sydney attmpting to attack the laser while falling down on his back.

I couldn't get a straight face from John for a good picture! Case and point, see below.....

Either that or he is just super happy all the time.

So we decided to switch him out and give the camera a try with Amy and me. Much better turn out I would say.

So that was the majority of my trip to Seattle. Honestly I didn't end up getting to go many places because of the snow, but at least I got to spend a good amount of time with my family, including my crazy brother who likes to watch movies on his Iphone while driving....seriously!!!!

So next are a few pictures of new year's (super long post, I know)

Chas and I went to Ben and Tiffany Smith's house for some games and chit-chat before ringing in the new year. Here are a few pictures from the evening....

Of course we had to get the dogs in on the fun. Plus they were very good at posing for us, especially Gracie, which you can see from above, she was a total ham for the camera.

Emma was being a bit more shy, but she didn't seem to mind wearing the new year stars on her head.

Amy and Pete chillin on the couch after toasting in the new year. Pete looks like he has stayed up past his bed time.
Lisa and Kyle were also there, I have to say that as insecure as she was when we first started playing the game "Buzz Word", she rocked the socks off a few rounds during the night. She didn't think she would get any of the answers, but shouted out quite a few that put us in the lead a few times. Sad to say though, the boys kicked our butts.

Jeremy and Stacy celebrating their first new year's together as a married couple, awwwww.

And Chas and me at the end of the night. I couldn't get him to keep the shooting new year stars on his head, so I was left looking like the idiot with the only one wearing them. You gotta have a little bling to ring in the new year though, and since Noah was sleeping upstairs we couldn't use the noisemakers. We had a great time with everyone and it was nice to be back home in Utah visiting familiar faces and enjoying time with the one I love. Awwwww. :)

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Ha! i love that picture of lisa and kyle- looks like such a fun get together!