Thursday, March 27, 2008

Photo Shoot

Alrighty, so here they are!!! Well some of them. Chas and I had a great opportunity to have a photo shoot a couple of weeks ago with a photographer that is doing some flyers, and we got a killer (I mean, really!) deal on the photo session. He ended up taking over 180 photos, so I just picked out a few that turned out, and some of them we will probably end up using for further shows, and possibly an album cover. Exciting!! So, check em out!

This is the one we may end up using for the album cover, I think it fits with the name pretty well....Just a Vapor.


Kelli said...

You guys look GREAT!!! You are such a beautiful woman!!! Good job on taking some awesome pics!

melissa said...

You look fab my dear!

Claire said...

yes! I love the last one too!