Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Seattle Bride

So here they finally are, pictures from Amy's wedding!
Thursday night was the rehersal dinner, it was held at one of my favorite Italian Restaurants, Mama Stortini's. Here are some of the details....

Just a view of the serving table before we ate.

Amy and her mom, cute!

This is Chad, John's step-brother. Amy and John rode in a horse and carriage from the wedding ceremony to the reception center, so Chad was given a bucket and shovel as their official pooper scooper! His other nickname, thanks to Kelli, is Washington ass. You can ask her about that one if you want.

The bride to be and maid of honor :)

Amy's dad cheesing it up for me with their family, including the cute little flower girl, she was SO good in the wedding!

And of course, the best piece of Tiramisu ever.

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