Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Quarter of a century

I got to celebrate my birthday at home for the first time in seven years! Crazy.
My parents were both very good to me, I got great presents, and I spent time with some old friends that I haven't seen, as well as my best friend Kel. I was so happy that she got to come up to Seattle and spend time there with me for Amy's wedding. She was such a great helper.

My brother and me with our mom. We are kind of pulling silly faces, really were just looking away from the camera. This was at Black Angus, I haven't been there for years and they have fabulous steak and bread.

We always look good together :)

This is Ana, I have known her since high school. My brother actually dated her for some time, but she is married now, to someone I introduced her to! Weird. This is my only matchmaking experience, glad to know it worked out well!

This was on my actual birthday, which I spent with my Dad, Karen, and my two brothers in Seattle. We went to lunch on the waterfront and did a little shopping of course. I am attempting to show off my birthday presents, a cute little Coach clutch from Karen and a peridot\diamond ring from my dad.

I can't believe Michael actually caught my dad smiling, he never smiles in pictures.....he must really love me :)

The weekend after I got home, Kelli and Chad took me out for dinner, kind of as a late birthday celebration. They know my love for Italian food, so we went to Biaggi's at the Gateway. I had the most tasty seafood pasta dish ever!

Thanks for everyone who made my 25th birthday so great!

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Mel said...

Your hair looks so long and GORGEOUS in that first picture!!