Wednesday, November 22, 2006


As promised, here is the first of many blogs on my new blogsite. I like having new things, and I definitely like pink and grey together, I realized that just recently.
Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I most likely will not be around a computer to update, I am posting a few things today.
First, my list.
1. I am thankful for my friends, specifically Kelli, for inviting me to come have dinner with her family tomorrow. Like I would say no to her.
2. I praise God that I am even healthy enough to work two jobs, save money, and be able to purchase Christmas tickets home so that I can see my family. I will be working at Starbuck's tomorrow morning, by choice. I heard tips are great on holidays, and I like giving out coffee with a smile. It's one thing I can do to make someone's day just that much better.
3. I praise God for miracles. Specifially, medical ones. Though I have only heard how awful chemo treatment CAN be, there is no doubt in my mind that God provided peace, healing, and the least amount of pain possible during this trial.
4. I will be venturing out on my own for 4 hours on Black Friday for the first time ever to complete some of my holiday shopping. I pray 1, that I don't get ran over by some crazy on the road or in an isle somewhere, and 2, that I can find what I am looking for.
5. Finally, I am greatful that God has given me a great place to live, a place that I can decorate for Christmas with my own stuff, again, for the first time ever. I love pretty things.
I plan on making Chocolate Cream Pie for tomorrow, a family tradition my mom has been doing for us since I was in junior high. I like sharing traditions with others, and the pie isn't bad either.
To make it, simply follow the instructions on the side of a box of Dream Whip.
You can add chocolate shavings on top of the pie if you like.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, those who I will see, and to those of you who I may not be able to see tomorrow. I hope that you have a great time with your families, friends, or whoever you are spending Thanksgiving with.
Find something to share that you are greatful for, and either post it or leave a comment for me.
I like to know what others are thankful for.

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