Monday, November 27, 2006

Beautiful places

There are so many sights that I look back on and realize that they are some of the most beautiful sights to me. One of them is by a river, a stream, a place that has moving water. It is so awesome to watch the water roll by and touch the rocks, the tree twigs, the bank. I have had many good talks with God while strolling the river side.
I took some pictures at the end of the summer by the Ogden River Walkway, one of the many walks Jose and I took while he was on treatment, to keep himself active and to get out of the busy house sometimes. It was a nice place of peace, and the pictures turned out great thanks to my awesome camera. I tried to quirk the focus a little bit on a few, trying to get the background to look a little shady, but I don't really know how well it turned out.


jules said...

those pics are beautiful!
i miss you, and i cant wait to see you at Christmas!

Mel said...

So pretty! Just like you!