Friday, January 21, 2011


Sometimes, you just need something that is a little wholesome.
Not store bought wholesome, homemade wholesome.

Every once in a while I can tell when my body needs a bit of refreshing, and I have been feeling that way especially after the holidays.
Don't get me wrong the gluten free cupcakes in Tennessee were great(not Sweet Cake great, but good), the home made gluten free cookies, dinners, dinners, and more dinners. All the food was delicious.
But the last couple of weeks, I have felt a bit sluggish. I just wanted food that was good, pure, good for me.

Insert Shauna at this gluten free website.

She has some of the best gluten free recipes, hands down. And her most recent post was just what I needed.
Nothing artificial, a slight amount of brown sugar, some walnuts, this whole grain muffin recipe satisfied my soul today, my gluten free wanting to really have something delectably gluten free but not overwhelmingly doused with sugar satisfying.
Even if you aren't a celiac, I would challenge you to try this recipe just once. It's healthy, it's wholesome, and it goes really well with just a touch of honey on top.

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