Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I tried it, and it was tasty!

So first of all, happy new year!

I have been looking back on 2010, and as many of my friends have also attested, last year was probably the best year of my life yet. Obviously you probably know the main reason why....getting married of course! But I also finished up my masters and ran my second 1/2 marathon just a tad bit faster than I did my first 1/2, so I was pleased. I got to see a lot of my friends from out of state thanks to their dedication and support of the now Mr. and Mrs. Burks, and got to spend the holidays in Tennessee with Chas and his wonderful, loving, and giving family.

We then ended the year by playing a show together with Chas' band Cheatwood. Their lead singer took the rest of the year off, so I got to sub in for the first time. It was fun to get to be able to sing with the boys and be with Chas as we rang in the new year as a married couple :) Lots of firsts happened last year, it was nice.

I am also happy that so far the goal to try at least 3 new gluten free recipes a month has been successful. I have yet to pick out the meals that I am going to try for January, but, it is only the 5th, after all.

I did, however, try my luck again at a wheat based recipe, provided by yours truly over at , and was shocked to find that the results of the gluten free version were mouthwatering and taste-bud pleasing. I have tried to convert a couple of regular recipes into gluten free recipes in the past, only to be disappointed. But this one, it was delicious! And, I just happen to love poppyseed loaf! I didn't make the actual loaf though, more like a round cake-type dessert. Either way, it was awesome.

Note to self, use about 1/2 a cup less of GF flour when making a wheat based recipe.


The Felds said...

Yay for a great 2010 for you Mrs. Burks! You did a lot, a lot of HUGE stuff to accomplish. Way to go :) I'm glad you tried the poppyseed loaf, and I'm especially glad the gluten free version turned out so great for you! Wahoo -

P.s. can't wait to get together. We WILL make it happen!

Anonymous said...

You accomplished SO MUCH in 2010 Kimber, and I am so proud of you, excited for you, and in awe of what an amazing young woman you are! My gosh all the things you accomplished, and still did so many wonderful things for other people in the process! Hats off to you Gal of mine! And praise be to God for you in my life!
Yay for an AWESOME 2010 for you, and best wished and prayers for you-Mr.and Mrs. Burks, for a wonderful first year of marriage in 2011.
BTW, -I wonder what the poppy seed loaf would be like sugar free? I have been baking with Truvia, and having some success with it
. . .and, with NO after taste!

Love you Sweetie,