Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Spice up your life

Last night, I made my 3rd and final new gluten free recipe for December! I knew that since I was not going to be baking much after this week, I had to get them in before the weekend. I will probably do some cooking while visiting with Chas' parents for the holidays, but, probably nothing super hard and most likely nothing new.

The Jerk Chicken was tasty! Even though I wasn't feeling super great last night (hoping I am not coming down with something), it still had a nice spice flavor complimented with the brown sugar and the mango/black bean salad. You can check out the recipe on the food blog that I contribute to

But, I also wanted to try something else that I had not yet made since going gluten free. Actually, I don't think I have EVER made my own snicker doodles before. So, I guess this is a first in many ways!

Anyway, I stumbled across a tasty looking snicker doodle recipe on the GF blog I follow the most,, and she had posted two ways to make the cookies. I ended up trying both, because I was curious as to the difference between using a pre-mixed all purpose GF flour and mixing the individual flour ingredients yourself. Truth be told, the cookies that were made with the individual flours turned out waaaaaay better. More fluffy, not hard, but just crispy enough on the edges to want to eat 3, or 4. Or 6. I made the second batch for the Washington Heights pot luck that Chas and I went to on Sunday, and I am sure no one even knew that they were gluten free, since by the time we got through the line to the dessert table, they were all gone.

I am just glad to know that I have one more victory to add to my list of tasty gluten free receipes.


Ashley said...

I will admit to eating one of your snickerdoodles at the potluck and it was delicious. (And no, I didn't know it was gluten free).

Jodi said...

impressive! I'm lucky to make cookies at all!

Amy Pepper said...

Lookin' mighty tasty! You might just have to try making some the next time you are here visiting! Love you miss.

The Felds said...

Yay for a new recipe! I must say, I'm not a Snickerdoodle fan, but yours look great and I'm glad they turn out! I love how willing you are to try new things. Good job! I also love when things I take to a party or potluck getting eaten right away, that always makes me feel good :)