Thursday, December 9, 2010

In the world, not of it

Sometimes, the heart of human fate creates a debacle....

What is a debacle, you might ask?

A sudden downfall, or disasterous fallout.

That's what sin is, a debacle. Otherwise known as a ludicrous failure.

Sin is a part of who we are, but not what defines us. I believe.

I know my heart, and what is in it. But, more importantly, God knows all the depths of my heart, and why I do the things I do. And sometimes, why I don't.

Why I have an internal and deep down desire for positive reinforcement, to be noticed, to be liked.
Why when I don't get that reinforcement I tend to start blaming others that they aren't doing enough, instead of looking at myself thinking, do more for them, dummy.

There are simple things in life that make me happy. Sharing my thoughts and goals and things I want to be held accountable for and having people actually acknowldge that I am opening up myself enough to even share those things in the first place, makes me happy.
The why behind that, though, is a very complicated and deep rooted issue from the way that I was raised.

I place no blame on those who simply take a gander at my readings, and then continue to pass on by.

But, just for the sake of my sanity, if you do desire to keep on reading the knowings of what is going on in this petty little tiny seed of life that I tend to live in every day, please, just make a comment.

Thank you from the bottom of this sinful debacled heart.


The Felds said...

I will comment still, I try too almost always - but I miss a post here or there! I love comments :) Don't stop posting, I really enjoy your blog lovely lady!

And, although you may not know it - you are inspiring to me friend! Love ya!

Adrienne Dimond said...

I LOVE your blog! I have one too and no one comments and I feel like no one cares a lot of the time; but I know they do. I do, about yours. Thanks for sharing your feelings and your wonderings and wanderings and testimony. It is very uplifting and encouraging for me. Keep it up!