Monday, February 15, 2010

The weekend

It's always nice to plan. That's what I think. Chas is more of a fly by the seat of your pants kind, it keeps me guessing what is going to happen, or if something is going to happen at all, heh. But he did a really good job of planning out a Valentine's date on Saturday for the two of us. It started with one of my favorite meals, sushi. Now, some people say that it is the place that makes the meal, but I say it is the company you are with that makes the meal. And just an FYI, Ahh Sushi is NOT somewhere you want to plan a date for if you are looking to impress anyone. It's just a good thing that I love Chas, and I love sushi. Not only was it a sushi bar, but, it was also a bar. Interesting. But we made a good time of it, and even overheard a great name-dropping conversation about this guy and how he met Jim Carey. He must have been this guys idol because he wouldn't stop talking about it. And there were some youth there talking about getting lit. It was awesome.

Place number 2, Chas wanted to see an IMax movie on the really big screen, so we headed over to the Gateway Mall and decided to pick the movie on going to the moon. I liked it, and we even got to wear some really cool 3D glasses. I really wanted to keep mine.
Then we headed over to the news station where I got to pretend to be weather caster for the night, I always wanted to be on TV.

Even for being sickly, Chas was still a trooper and took us on a trip to Mars. Yes, we made it to Mars and back in one night, the flight was amazing. Don't believe us, check us out. (there is an oxygen bubble around us to prevent from suffocating)

It was a fun evening, and I even got some pretty flowers out of the deal. Now let's just hope I don't catch Chas' awful cold. I still love you though honey :)


melissa oholendt said...

Trip to Mars??? AND you were a weathergirl??? Awesome. Best Valentines Ever.

Steve & Yvonne said...

You guys are so cute! Loved the pictures, what a fun Valentines!

Claire said...

How sweet!