Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tick-tock and a run around the block

As many of you may know, I am running the Ogden Half Marathon again this year on May 15th.
I started my training two weeks ago, and so far this are going fab-u-lous. Last time I ran the 1/2 (which was May 2008), I averaged almost exactly 10 minutes per miles for the entire race. This go-round, my goal is to beat my old time, thus have a NPR (new personal record). I am happy to say that in the last two weeks of running, I have been able to increase my running speed almost every single run. The last run I went on I was down to an 8'47" mile for three miles. Next I will be increasing the length of my runs and attempting to keep that pace. It's not quite nice enough in Utah yet to be running outside every time I run, but with days like today (50 and sunny), I gain more hope that spring is coming very soon and I will be able to enjoy runs with scenery instead of the wall of Crossroads Gym.

The reason I am so stoked that the running is going so well is because, well, I was a little worried a couple of weeks ago that I was going to have to cut down on the running and take it easy for a while.
I went into my stomach doctor for what ended up being just a really nasty virus (thank goodness it wasn't something else, it really could have been way worse), and in the process of doing a physical exam realized that I had a heart murmur.....hmmm. How long I have had this little noise coming from my heart, I have no idea. No one has ever said anything about it before.
So I went to a cardiologist and had it checked out, Echo, EKG, the works. Turns out my heart does NOT have a hole in it, and functions properly. VERY good news.
I HAVE been having weird heart palpitations, knows as tachycardia, for about 8 months now, which I discussed with the cardiologist. He recommended that I wear a heart monitor for a week to see if they can catch this little hiccup in my heart beat and see why it is happening.
I am now on day three of wearing the heart monitor, and besides getting worrisome looks from people who know me, I feel good knowing that when I do have episodes, they are being recorded and hopefully we can get to the heart of what is going on, no pun intended. I think more than anything it will just put me at ease knowing that I had it checked out and if it turns out to be nothing and is just the way my body is "wired", then this girl is going to continue to keep on running her heart out, again no pun intended.

I recently got my graduation papers in the mail so that I will be able to walk in May commencement. WALK. With a Master's. If Claire is reading this, which I almost know she is, then she knows exactly how it feels to say those words. I have never wanted something more in my life, besides knowing that I am getting married to a wonderful, loving, supportive man, in 7 months. And at the same time, I can't lie that I am not even just a little bit nervous knowing that there is going to be an end to this madness of the last two years and wondering what is going to happen next. But, I DO know that God has plans for each and every one of us, including me. So I just wait, and pray, and prepare for what IS to come.

On a wedding note, things are at somewhat of a lull right now. My friends who have been married told me there would be times where there just isn't a lot of planning going on, and I told myself that I wasn't going to purchase anything wedding related during lent. That's a big feat for a woman who has spent the good majority of her savings over the last 8 months on wedding "stuff". Heh. My dress should be here any day, and I can't WAIT to try it on and start the process of making it fit oh so perfectly for that special day. I am sure Chas is even a little excited for that day too ;)

The only somewhat of a hang-up we have experienced with wedding planning so far was the sad news that we will not be able to hold our wedding ceremony at our church. Washington Heights is planning a renovation, and it very well may be happening this year. We were advised by Roy, our pastor who is marrying us, to start looking for another site. I can't say that I wasn't bummed to hear this news, of course, knowing that our church was the place Chas and I met and have been attending for the last 10 years. It does have special meaning to us. But, we also know that this is a very small thing, and we have plenty of time to look for another place. We actually were given the suggestion of having the ceremony at the very cute and quaint Episcopal church in downtown Ogden. This place would honestly be perfect for our wedding (I say that because of the decor and colors I have chosen, it really just would all go together so perfectly). So I have made the call, and am waiting, patiently, for them to return my call so we can get things hopefully underway quickly. ( I have heard they are very hard to get a hold of and very slow to call back). A visit to their Sunday morning service may be in my near future.

That's all I'm gonna post for now, I am singing at church tonight and still need to take a look at the music. I will leave you with an awesome picture of my get-up from the Ugly Dress Party I went to last weekend. The song may come to mind "If you want my body and you think I'm sexy, come on baby let me know." Yeah, I know you want my 90's style.

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Claire said...

1) YES! YES! GRADUATION!!! YES! And, I TOTALLY understand that feeling of unknown after the master's is over!
2) SO happy about your running! Sounds like you are doing a great job!
3) Sorry about WHBC. This could be good-- while I love the church, it isn't the prettiest place ever! That other option sounds like a good possibility!
4) LOOOVE the dress! Couldn't see its full awesomeness on fb!
5) PHONE DATE! Matthew is gone for a month, so I'm REALLy free now. I'm sorry I didn't call last week, I just ran out of time!