Sunday, September 27, 2009

Conversations with a stats teacher

A student from class says, "so on the code that we are supposed to use to make that graph, how do you do that?"

Teacher says, "Well I've already showed you how to do that, but I guess I will show you, again." (insert crinkled nose facial expression here)

Students in the class agree with each other that this was NEVER showed to us.

Another student from class says, "I tried to input the data like the book said, but it would not come out with an answer in the R program."

Teacher says, "Oh that's easy, it's because you can't put character data into R. You could have just used Excel and then imported the information."

Student says, "Well it might be easy for you, because you have done this before, but this is our first time using the R program."

Teacher says, "Well you just have to learn it as you go, but some of the stuff we didn't get to last class time, so we can go over it now."

Student says under their breath, "yeah, thanks for telling us that NOW one day before the assignment is due."


Claire said...

Ahhh gotta love it. Glad you have other classmates who will speak up too! Always a relief to know you're all in the dark! :)

melissa o said...

those crappers exist in grad school? there is no hope