Monday, June 15, 2009

It's a party

A surprise pary that is. Check out the video here of when we walked into Rooster's for Chas's 30 birthday party, set up by yours truly. There was about 45 people there, it was an awesome turn out. And he was completely surprised, he had no idea, he just about fell over.
In other news, I will be heading to Seattle this weekend on Thursday for a wedding of my brother's best friend Jeremy and his fiance Sherah. Jeremy and Travis have known each other and been best friends since 7th that's about 17 years. Crazy. Jeremy is like a brother to me, of course I couldn't miss his wedding.
After that, Chas and I will be heading to Tennesse and South Carolina for 9 days for a summer adventure. A much needed vacation for this school crazy girl. I can't wait.

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melissa o said...

Have a GREAT vacation!! Love you!