Sunday, May 10, 2009

Just a few things

Well the last couple weekends since school has been out have been pretty jam packed, so I will just post a few pics of some of the happenings that have been going on around Ogden during April and May.

This is a wedding reception I sang at for Geoff and Cassi Cash. It was a lot of fun getting to sing some Diana K., Nat King Cole, Frankie, and some others. In fact, the guys liked it so much that we are going to be performing at Rovali's in Layton this Friday at 6:30! So if you are in town, make a reservation and come check us out!

This was at the Good Times Saloon, kind of a ghetto place I know, but Chas' band Cheatwood performed there so of course a few of us came out and supported.

This was the annual bonfire at Chad's house, the pictures were in night time setting so they are in that kind of blurry feel, but kind of cool none the less.

We attended Allison Wynn's wedding reception...wait, we can't really call her that anymore now that she is married. Bummer. But, she will always be Wynn to us :)

I went up to Logan for a day to USU to meet with some of my professors for my Masters and get a final project set up for my last year of school. Crazy to think that this time next year I will be one semester away from graduating with a Masters...but SO cool. It was a beautiful day up there on Monday so I couldn't resist taking a picture of the mountains.

This was up at Snowbird this weekend with one of my favorite co-workers Trudi. We attended a Troubled Youth Conference, and it was really informational and very cool to spend two days up at Snowbird Resort since I had never been there before. The mountains were absolutely amazing with the view outside my room, and I even took an evening run up, yes up, Little Cottonwood Canyon. Rest assured I didn't last long and my legs were burning like crazy after, but it was nice to get out and enjoy the mountain after an entire day of being indoors.

So those were just some of the happenings that have been going on the last couple weeks. Summer semester starts up tomorrow, I will say that I am very thankful that our program has been designed to have only online classes during the summer. This means five hours of class time that I won't have and can hopefully take more time during the week to catch up on readings and still have somewhat of a social life on the weekends.


melissa said...

Oooo I love posts with pictures! You look so great! Sorry I haven't emailed you back yet - work and personal life has been nuts but I think it'll slow down now that Matt has graduated!

Sarah said...

I love your hair! I saw it in person at Amy's baby shower, but it looks so cute that I have to say it on your blog.

Claire said...

Oh fun! I love that you sang at a wedding, how neat! I had no idea Allyson got married, crazy! Hope your life continues to slow down a bit! :)