Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wedding season

I don't think I have ever posted a blog this fast before. It's a record for me, for sure.

But seriously, who wouldn't fall in love at a place like this.....

Josh Allan had his wedding last night at La Caille. Yeah. It is sooo beautiful. Kaytee posted some beautimus pictures of this place not long ago, and I am so glad that I got to finally see the place for myself. We got there right at sundown, and the mountains as a backdrop were absolutely gorgeous.

Such a quaint little place, it looks like a little cottage as you are pulling up.

The driveway down right at dusk. The little cobblestone road is so cool. This place is tucked away so its like you are in a totalle different world while you are there.

Chas and I spent most of the night hanging out with this lovely couple. The reception was inside this greenhouse looking room, very huge plants and very beautiful. Most of the food they had was finger-type foods, shrimp on skewers, petite cookies, most of which I could not have. But, I could have creme-broule (sp?). And it was sooooo delicious.

The front of La Caille at night, the lights gave it a great luminous feeling, especially right behind Chas' head, he he.

There were so many flowers and plants and beautiful things right in the front, it was so hard not to take a dozen pictures of it all.

The gardens just before sundown, I love the little bridge and the hanging flower baskets. And the grass looks so green, it was so peaceful up there.

They have a nice little fire pit just outside the room where the reception was, so we got warm for a while before we left to go get some dinner (since most of what they had we couldn't eat :) I wasn't able to get any pictures of the bride and groom, but just know that they looked stunning, especially Leah in her dress, it was amazing, SO much bunched up fabric on the skirt but super amazing looking on her. Congratulations to Josh and Leah!


amy said...

kimber you look so pretty! i love your dress!

melissa said...

You do look lovely!

Jodi said...

Well, I guess since the cat's outta the bag (me checking out your blog), I can go ahead and comment! Does all this attention to reception location details mean anything personal?!?!? It was great chatting with you the other night...I was so happy to hear about everything so exciting!!