Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On the inside

Chas and I went to this exhibit last weekend, http://theleonardo.org/bodyworlds/the-exhibit/ ,
and it was amazing.
Had I been able to take a camera in and get snapshots of the incredible work that has been done on these bodies, I totally would have. But, I am left with just memories of the millions of nerves, arteries and internal body parts that have been put on display as part of this amazing science exhibit of the human body.
I think a couple of the most intriguing things that I saw were
1. The amount of time that it must have taken to seperate all the different internal parts of the body, and yet thinking about how everything works together so intricately. God sure knows how to build things.
2. Part of the exhibit showed the different stages of a fetus, and at even just 12 weeks, you can see eyes, a head, and all 10 fingers. It is beyond me how after seeing this amazing creation, someone would think that a fetus is not "real", and they could just throw that life away.
There were so many different exhibits, but the full detailed bodies were the most amazing, being able to see through the skin and into the world of cells, nerves, and what the art of plastination brings out. I don't know where the Body Worlds Exhibit will be traveling to next, but if it is ever in your area, I highly recommend you go experience it.

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Ashley said...

I saw it in MInnesota it is definitely an amazing thing.