Saturday, April 12, 2008

Salt Rock Singing

Here are some pictures of performing at the Salt Rock last Saturday.
Thanks to our friend Briana for being a faithful fan and coming to take pictures for us at our shows!

Jeremy and Blake performed a few songs they each had written, and I have to say that the harmonies they made were amazing. Their voices worked really well together.

Micah brought a few percussion tools, like a Cahone, to bust out some beats for the acoustic evening. I really liked the sound it brought, very mellow.

Nate brought this cool sounding guitar and added some lead lines during a few of Blake and Jeremy's songs as well as our worship set at the end. Even though the mic wasn't turned up very loud, every once in a while I could hear a faint little note that made me smile as we sang praises and worshipped, it was so cool.

Chas has a few instrumental songs that he played in between sets. He is such a talented guitar player, and it shows in how well he plays even those high notes with his little pinky.

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