Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Benefit concert

This little guy's name is Easton.
He is 6 years old and was recently diagnosed with Lukemia.
How I found out about him was through a co-worker who is friends with Easton's dad.
Easton also just started his treatments, and even though his family has insurance, we all know that along with medical needs, there are also additional costs that insurances don't often cover.
So, to help raise money for Easton's cancer treatment, The Salt Rock is putting on a benefit concert on Saturday, May 10th, from 6-9pm
There will be live music featuring, yours truly with Just a Vapor and Annelise Lecheminant from Tennessee, as well as a comedy performance from Off the Wall Comedy Group (those who usually perform at the Terrace Playhouse).
The cost will be $10 a person, or $20 for families, no limit
They are taking cash and checks, and all the money raised will be going straight back to Easton's treatment needs.
Please be praying for this cute little guy, and if you have nothing else to do on that night, come join us in supporting the Salt Rock to help raise money for Easton's Lukemia treatment.

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