Thursday, February 21, 2008

What have you been up to?

So a few things....
I decided this year that I really am going to run the Ogden Half Marathon on May 17th.
I started officially training on Saturday. Only 15 weeks and 2 days left. Woot.
Part of my interest in doing this involves making a charitable donation account at the Hunstman to raise money to give back to a place that so graciously gave so much to Jose last year. It's my way of saying "thanks". More info on that set up coming soon.

I have come to a phase in my life where I completely enjoy reading the bible, finding out new pieces of information, and stuyding it the way that I feel for me it was made to be studied. I am currently most interested in Eschatology....the study of end times. A study of Daniel and Revelation has completely caught my attention. There are many parallels and great explanations that you normally wouldn't understand by reading and referencing these two books together. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself.

Lastly, I am super excited about the recent song recordings I have been able to complete thanks to the help of my good friend and excellent musician Chas. We have recorded 4 songs total, and are going to be recording about ten in the next couple of weeks. He also put together a show where we will be playing the new songs for the first time in a public place. Exciting, and scary! But I am looking forward to making more music, for sharing part of my experiences in the last year through a way of melodies, lyrics, and dynamics.
If you are interested in checking out what we have made so far, go here
I hope you enjoy it, and will be open to giving some feedback. Some of the songs are rough drafts, but you get the idea.
Let me know what YOU all have been up to recently. Some of those blogs are very outdated :)


Ciao Baby said...

...just listened to; Landslide...very awesome. I work with Ben S and was talking with him Thurs. about food allergies and food intolerances...this might be a crazy question; but, i wanted to know who did your testing for your food intolerance? I think I'm gluten & lactose but want to check it out. Thanks, Jan

Claire said...

2 things:
1- Make sure if you haven't registereed for the OM you do it soon- prices are cheaper the earlier you register!
2- At one point GOAL was talking with Huntsman and considering teaming up. I'm not sure if that is happening but you might check the website- or once you register you'll get e-mails with info. Cool!