Sunday, January 6, 2008

That magic time of year

This year I got to spend a lot more time in Washington for Christmas than I normally do, eleven days to be exact. It was great having more time to get to spend with everyone, and I even ran into some people that I have not seen for a couple years, and even some I haven't seen since I left Washington! I spent the night at my brother's a few times, got to hang out with Amy for her birthday and new years, and spent at least three days at both of my parent's house. It even snowed a little on Christmas day, which hasn't happened for at least 8 years, so that was awesome. Here are some pictures of the holidays. More might be coming soon, if I can get them from my dad, he got a cool camera and we took a bunch of pictures on his camera that I don't have yet.

The nice thing about having vaulted cielings is that you can have a huge tree! I think my dad said this one was a ten footer. And here is a picture of my brother getting ready to open presents, with the metro straight ironed hair of course.

This is my step-brother Michael. I am not sure what he was up to, but that bow doesn't quite match his outfit. He's got some pretty awesome earrings though.....

So let me explain this one. It's a little creepy, I admit. This is a picture of Michael's girlfriend's foot. Notice anything??.....She only has four toes!! Poor girl ran over her foot with the lawnmower last summer, and she ended having to get one of her toes removed because they couldn't save it. Just comes to show that you DO need to be careful when mowing the lawn.

This is one of my long time friends Ana. I have known her since junior high, though she was a grade ahead of me. We sang in choir together, and she even dated my brother for a while. Crazy thing is that I ended up helping her get set up with her now husband the summer before I came to Utah. I don't matchmake very often, but I am happy that one of the few times I did worked out for the best!

I took a picture of it snowing, just to provie that it really does snow where I am from, sometimes. :)

Every year my mom gets our dog Pepper a stocking filled with dog treats. She always knows which one is hers, I am sure she can smell out the pig's ear.

Pepper decided to fall asleep in the cats' bed. She is a little too big for it, but I am sure eating all those Christmas treats wore her out! And she is quite the big dog for a beagle...over 55 pounds.

The cute hat that Amy got for her brithday. She had been looking for one like this for about two weeks, and her mom snagged it for her. Now she has something to wear on the slopes in Park City!

Hangin out at Amy and John's house getting ready to open some presents. She got me some good stuff, we seem to have a tradition of getting each other gloves and a scarf for Christmas, because I think we have done it for three years in a row now. But, I definitely need it, and so will she when her and John come out to Utah at the end of this month! I can't wait.

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