Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Since I am a fan of lists, and some of you are too, I got a little inspiration reading some blogs and decided to type one.

Here it is.

1. I remember my frist birthday. People don't believe me when I tell them that. I had a Rainbow Bright cake, my mom confirmed that.

2. I watched Fried Green Tomatoes for the first time last night, and I almost bawled my eyes out. Bad timing.

3. I finally found a seamstress to alter my bridesmaid dress. I think she is German.

4. I have been in two weddings in my entire life. First was my mom's, second will be by best friend's on August 25th, 2007.

5. I was born on my paren'ts 4th year anniversary. What a present :)

6. To this date, I don't personally know anyone who has the same birthday as me. Jeremy Bair is the closest, August 28th.

7. Two famous people that I share the same birthday with are Mother Teresa and Paul Rubens (AKA...Pee-Wee Herman). I just looked that up.

8. I don't wear jeans more than two times before washing them.

9. I have been trying out the color green, and I kind of like it.

10. Yes I have been tanning, but only for the wedding.

11. At this point in my life, I would be ok if I didn't have kids.

12. I would like to have a dog.

13. I will NEVER go skydiving. I can't be talked into it.

14. I am having a really hard time deciding what to do for Amy for her bachelorette party.

15. I am terrible at picking out clothes for other people, including lingerie.

16. I have eaten out for dinner the past 16 nights in a row. Yuck.

17. My bosses are outrageously understanding.

18. Sometimes I forget that I have a tattoo. I rarely ever see it.

19. My brother now has more tattoo space on his body than anyone else I personally know.

20. The last scriptures I read were out of 2 Corinthians.

21. I am currently reading Prayer, by Philip Yancey.

22. I almost always never finish the last 5-10 pages of a book. I have no idea why.

23. I really do like the color pink.

24. I wear a dress when I start to feel like I look unfeminine, and it really does help me to feel better. It has to be a dang good fitting dress though.

25. I have written SO many letters that I never gave away.

26. I have helped 4 people in the last two months I know look for jobs.

27. I don't think I will be moving back to Seattle this year.

28. One year to be starting school again seems like such a very long time.

29. I have been making up time at work for the annual leave I don't want to use.

30. I haven't gone to bed before midnight for almost a week now.

31. I have realized over the last two weeks that I am terrible at using a lancet.

32. I find that pain I experience is usually less than what I expect it to be.

33. It bothers me when people don't make eye contact when they are asking me questions.

34. I have broken one bone, my thumb.

35. People watching should be considered a hobby.

36. I like watching peoples' faces when they get a surprise.

37. I love Japanese Cherry Blossoms.

38. My favorite drink this summer has been blended strawberry lemonade.

39. I am an excessive e-mail checker.

40. I have considered not having a blog anymore.

41. I sometimes wonder why certain people in life have a way of making their way back into the picture.

42. I got a new mouse pad, and I don't like the way it makes my mouse move.

43. I drink iced tea more than water, especially green tea.

44. I have thought about what it would be like to rescue someone.

45. I use a lot of post-it notes at work. They are mostly for phone numbers.

46. I have a fetish for intricately decorated cupcakes.

47. I am very obsessive about balancing my checkbook.

48. I don't like shaving my legs because of the awful razor burn it causes.

49. I am forever grateful to Melissa for exposing me to P.F. Chang's. I am sure it would have happened some time, but I am glad it was her. :)

50. I didn't think I was going to make it to 50.


Mel said...

Your life wouldn't be complete without a little PF. Or me. :) I'm working on that email now!!!

Ashley said...

lol. I love your list. You would love a place here. It is a coffee shop/cafe. It is called CUPCAKE and has tons of different types of speciality cupcakes. They are delicious.

amy said...

i do that dress thing too! usually i wear a skirt or something just to change it up a bit, especially at work since i work with mostly men.

jules said...

loved the list. keep the blog.