Friday, June 8, 2007

Still Waiting

Yes yes, this is what happens when you camera isn't working, and you are left having to depend on other people for pictures.

I still haven't been able to get any pictures up of Kelli and my's trip to Seattle, but hopefully I will get a CD from her this weekend so I can do some much needed posting.

Until then, only a few updates to write about before my meeting today.

After a great year of living in the condo that we got last July, I am sad to inform that I am moving out in a few months. Bummer! I really liked that place, and would try to buy it if I knew I could afford it. But, that isn't going to happen right now. Our landlord has decided to sell the condo instead of renewing our lease, so I am yet again on the search for some place new.
I was going to move out with Sarah, but she is moving in with a friend. So, I am either on my own, or I will be searching out for a new roommate as well.

My mom is in need of some prayer, she is looking for a new job after she and two of the other front desk receptionists at her office got let go last week. Yeah, not very smart of the doc to do, but some people tend to get a little strange when money is involved. Things are looking pretty good though, she has an interview today.

Lastly, I am SUPER excited to get to see Mel, Claire, Kelli, Jules, and the other girls this weekend at the shower and get-togethers. It is definitely going to be a fun weekend.

OH, and a bunch of people from my work are going on a hike up Waterfall Canyon tomorrow at 10 am. I will be there, if you want to join. Should be great weather.

Well, that's about all for now, have a great weekend, and I will see some of you very soon!

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