Thursday, June 21, 2007

E mail ramblings

Something I have been doing lately is reading a book to Jose about Moses that he really liked. Later, I also go home to read from a book about prayer by Philp Yancey that Charles Green gave me.
Within those two things, and some scriptures, I have come to recognize that hope is what helps you to hang on to the promises from God, even if you will never receive them in this life. Moses, Abraham, other very Godly men heard promises from God, promises that they never actually took part in. Moses was promised to reach the Promise Land, though he didn't know at the time that he wasn't going to get to go in.
He pressed on with the Israelite nation with the hope, the faith, that it would happen. Even though it didn't , that is what enabled him to have the relationship he did with God throughout everything that happened to him in the desert with the Israelite people. What would have happened had he known he was not going to get to enter the Promise Land? Would he have given up? Would his relationship with God have been different? Would history have been changed?
I believe that is why we don't always know the outcome, because if we did, we might not choose it, choose God's purpose for our lives.
AND, I have come to the conclusion that it is ok to grapple, to ask questions toward God, even in an angry or frustrated manner. It is one thing to question, another to outright doubt.
Jacob even wrestled with God all night long, demanding that he bless him, and God even touched his side, letting Jacob know who it was that he was wrestling with.
To do this kind of praying shows that you are willing to be totally honest to God, to pour out the most of your emotions to him, like a friend would do when venting. To hold back part of yourself, I think, shows somewhat of a resistance to be completely honest with God, which is all he wants, all of us.

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