Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My Dad

So I will be leaving on Friday to go up to visit my dad and help take care of him since having his back surgery.

He went in yesterday morning, and was actually out 2 hours earlier then the doctors expected.
But, it did take about 3 hours to get him stabilized in recovery before he was able to go up to his room. He is still in quite a bit of pain and is pretty sick, which I am sad for, but hopefully with the medications they are giving him things will calm down today.

The doctors expect that he will be in the hospital 4-5 days before they will let him go home, so thanks for all your prayers and support that he will have a healthy recovery and will be able to rest at home soon.

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Claire said...

I will definitely be praying. I'm so glad you can get up there to help out and be with him!