Saturday, May 22, 2010

Weekends are my favorite

There are those times in life where you can pinpoint the exact things that bring you happiness. The reason for that is because there are a lot of things that make you happy in the midst of the things that bug the crap out of you.

Weekends make me happy. Why? Because weekends are the time when I get to spend more than a hour hanging out with my hubby to-be and not already getting ready for bed by the time he gets off work. We started a ritual, probably last year sometime, where we don't see each other Mondays and Tuesdays, so having the weekends to be able to actually hang out and do FUN stuff together is so nice. And, I find pleasure in being able to get the things done on the weekends that I normally don't have time to do on the weekdays.

Things like wedding planning.
Things like being able to run a marathon.
Things like attending a graduation ceremony and getting engagements pictures done by one of my most talented and kind friends that I am so blessed to have in my life.
Grocery shopping.
Getting our favorite gluten-free cupcakes at Sweet Cake bakery in Kaysville.
Those are just a few of my favorite things.

And because I know that blogs are better with pictures, here are just a few to re-cap some of the past couple of weekends that have been so, so great.

Because I am done with attending classes, I got to walk for the Graduate Ceremony at Utah State. I have a project to finish up over the summer, but my goal is to be completely done with this by July.

After graduation we met up with some pretty awesome people and had a great dinner at Rooster's. You can obviously tell by Kaytee's face that the food is good.

A big huge shout out to Melissa for coming from MN and shooting our engagement session. These pictures give me a glimpse of what we have to look forward to on our wedding day, and I cannot wait for that.

I love you Mel, and I just had to post this picture.

I think this picture was taken somewhere around mile 3, which is why I am still looking pretty happy that I am running at this point. A picture at mile 12 would have probably shown a little different face. But, I am still so glad that I was able to run, run the whole race, and overall be in good health to be able to make goals like running a 1/2 marathon and be able to conquer them.

And last but not least, a tempting photo of one of my personal favorites from the bakery, the vanilla coconut gluten-free cupcake. Yum. YUUUUM.


Kaytee said...

I love weekends too! And it looks like you have been having some good ones! Congrats on finishing the 1/2 marathon too!!

Claire said...

Ooh love the pictures! Fantastic! CONGRATS!!!! That is a great picture with you guys!

melissa oholendt said...

Wow. Note to more of those faces.