Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And then there was this thing at the end

Updates, schmupdates.
I really do like them, I just don't get around to doing them as much as I would like.
But here are a few for now. (Thanks to Melissa I am now hooked to lists....they are just so much more easy to read)

1. I started a new position at work yesterday. I am still in the same office, I am just doing something a little different now. Instead of working with people that are on state assistance, I will be working with youth, who are in school, or trying to get into an occupational program. Essentially they will be looking to get state supported training funds to be able to get more education so that they can, hopefully, find a better job.

2. Since we are on the work topic, let's just roll with that. The Department of Workforce announced last week that they are closing, yes CLOSING, one of the state offices. Wow. This created quite a stir in our office, since just days before the news did a segment on "how everyone except DWS was making layoffs." Well, so much for correct news. It will be the Roy office, and they expect to have it closed by November 1st. Which means, all the people that go to that office will either come to Ogden or Clearfield. Since my office (Ogden) is currently the busiest office in the state, it's going to be interesting to see how they are going to fit that many more people into our already crowded lobby.

3. I am very, very, very thankful for my job. No, it's not the job that I would like to do for the rest of my life, that's why I am going to school. But it is a steady job and it is helping me get a higher education, so, thanks DWS.

4. I am loving school, learning tons, and losing lots of sleep. One of my professors decided that it would be fun to read 12 research articles in one week this last week. But I love everything that I am learning about and I know that I am using it now and will be using it even more when I am done and hopefully find my ideal job, which is working as an adoption counselor.

5. Is the building where Posh and now Bleach Grafitti (soon to be no more) sesriously cursed? I mean really.....that salon has had more turmoil in the last 2 years than most places I go.

6. I am officially addicted to Rooster's wings. I am pretty sure I have eaten them once a week for the last 4 weeks. And I still crave them.

7. If you are going to talk smack to Shquille O'neal, expect that you are going to be humiliated with a through the legs pass and a dunk to shove it in your face. It's watching these kinds of things that make me wish sometimes that I had cable. But then again, how would I ever get all that reading done?......

8. Though I am losing a roommate soon, I am in no way losing a friend.I love you very much and I am very proud of you.

9. My goal this year (I really don't want to call it a resolution) is to venture out and get to know my neighbors more. Especially the cute little old German couple that lives at the end of our condos. And help them as much as possible.

10. I am going to be an aunt. uhhhh, what?


Claire said...

Fun update! Sounds like an interesting change to your job... and wow, the posh salon is goingn out of business? does that mean Stacey is moving, and Kori is out of business? bummer!

melissa said...

I had wondered what happened to Posh - I looked online for them the other day and couldn't find anything...

Love the update! And the list!!! :)