Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's snowing.....

Not where you would expect it to though. I just talked to my best friend up in Seattle, and she said they have gotten a good four inches of snow today. I think that may be a record for them. Ok, not really, but that is surprising for up there because it hardly ever snows in Seattle.
The cool thing is that I will be up there in it tomorrow. The possibly not so cool thing is that with weather like that, flights are likely to be delayed, and the roads up there are not so ice friendly. So let's hope my rental car has good traction.
I haven't posted in a while, due to the lack of time with trying to get everything squared away before I am gone for 9 days.
I did finish my finals though for my first semester of the Master's program I am doing, and lets just say that I was very happy with my final grade for each class. Let's hope that I can continue the trend.
Chas and I have not been doing much performing the last month, mostly because of the holiday season, finals, and both of us being gone for Christmas. But, we did play a little show out at the Hogle Zoolights a couple of weeks ago. It was fun to do some Christmas songs for people, even though it was freezing cold outside and the heat lamps they had for us pretty much only kept our hair on the top of our heads warm. But, people did give us some tips, so that was a good sign that despite the chill in my voice and Chas' crippled hands, we still did alright. My cousin and her little boyfriend even came out and saw us, it was cute.
So I will be off tomorrow morning, granted the weather permits my plane to leave on time, and won't be back til after Christmas. You may not hear from me while I am gone, the parentals usually keep things pretty busy while I am there, so I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, safe travels, and wonderful times seeing family and friends.
Happy holidays everyone. :)

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