Saturday, October 18, 2008

Go Green

This is a post to support my cousin Eric who just started his chemotherapy treatments for Mixed Cell Hodgkin's Lymphoma. The color of the ribbon for lymphoma awareness is green, so, here's to you!

Yes, even green toenail polish....

And lets not forget, green eyeshadow!

You have a lot of support Eric and we are definitely praying for you!


Brandi/Hailey said...

Kimber, do you mind if I use your pics on Eric's Blog? Let me know, my email is

Thanks the pics are awesome!!


Brandi/Hailey said...

ok Kimber first I have to apologize!! I accidently deleted your email for some reason AOL thinks you are spam, and I clicked over to my spam file & deleted all of my messages in that file & at the last second saw your email was one of those!! Could you email me again, I promise I'll be more careful!! Thanks!!